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Bands and music was the reason I am a photographer today and is still my favorite subject today. Being able to stretch the limits and create something fresh and new, through photography, design or video.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Finding your Photos

You can find your photos by typing you (band name), (first name and last name), or (username) indicated when the gallery was selected, into the MUPD Archive above in red or at the bottom of the Navigation tab on the right.

Downloading your images

Press the “Select Photos” button on the top of the screen, select individual photos or all photos then the “Download” button will appear.
The photos will then download as a zip file, which will not be visible on iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

Image files will be accessible and always available through the archive section of the website. Links and instructions will also be given access to the gallery. Multiple layers of security can also be enabled.

Design files will be sent in multiple formats to ensure all files will work in all versions and types of software. All files will be accessible for a minimum of two weeks through DropBox and can always be requested to be sent again since I insure all files have a redundant backup.

Video files will be previewed though a private link on YouTube if meeting is not possible. Full resolution uncompressed video will typically be delivered in person due to their size but smaller more YouTube ready video can be delivered through DropBox.

I try to listen and get the best grasp of a band as much as possible or, understanding of the direction they would like to go in. Either by listening to the music or analyzing there current style. With every design there is a purpose.

In many cases I can be available for location scouting if I don’t have locations already set aside but depending on location and distance, additional charges may be applied.

Each case can be different due to difficulty or time required for compositing or editing. In most situations I skip or do not present thumbnails due to a typically lengthy consultation where I figure out every possible detail based on the look and feel that you are after. Once I produce three to eight 60-70% completed drafts I then will provide three revised drafts on a more specific direction. Then I will clean up and perfect the selected design for delivery.

Videos, will be handled separately on a realistic basis since, depending on the requested adjustment may take minutes to even days.

Contact ME

Highland CA, 92346

Phone: 909.835.2255