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It is a beautiful moment that deserves every preparation. Detail shots of the venues and small details that you selected as long as months before hand to every exciting and fun moments of the party that ends the night. Covering traditional wedding photos but also making sure to get every aspect of your personality.



Preparation is key with special events such as these. It is not possible to say stop do that again or reschedule because of an error. I take great pride in my efforts to make sure I know as much as possible so I am standing or moving to the spot that will give you the best results. I also have the gear and experience to prepare for the unexpected, with multiple cameras, lenses and lighting, along with backups of every pictures to make sure you know, that you are in the right hands.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

My turn around time is usually between 3 to 5 days. With every wedding or special event, I schedule a few days after to ensure that photos are delivered in a timely manner. You will also have the option to view the online gallery as I edit, allowing you to see the photos immediately after I finish editing each one.

Image files will be accessible and always available through the archive section of the website. Links and instructions will also be given access to the gallery. Multiple layers of security can also be enabled.

Design files will be sent in multiple formats to ensure all files will work in all versions and types of software. All files will be accessible for a minimum of two weeks through DropBox and can always be requested to be sent again since I insure all files have a redundant backup.

Video files will be previewed though a private link on YouTube if meeting is not possible. Full resolution uncompressed video will typically be delivered in person due to their size but smaller more YouTube ready video can be delivered through DropBox.

All files have built in approval for printing, so you will have no issues printing from any store or service. The only restriction is you will not be able to sell the photos for commercial use without prior approval.

The photos will always be available allowing a cloud backup incase anything happens to your computer, or as a way for you to easily share your images to friends and family.

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Phone: 909.835.2255